• Here are just a few of the things that some of our clients and colleagues have to say about The Copperjar System™:

    Unlike many approaches that simply preach “spend less, save more”, the Copperjar System™ will transform your relationship with money. It eases readers into rethinking their financial lives and empowers them to make the most of their personal finances with a practical, easy-to-understand approach.

    Don Roy, President, University of Fredericton

    The analogy between the health management and wealth management professions is quite compelling, and this book does a nice job of flushing out what wealth can learn from health. As the saying goes: may you be blessed with good fortune and the health to enjoy it. The tools and techniques are similar.

    – Moshe A. Milevsky, Ph.D. Professor, York University

    A practical, easy to learn and use process that will help you reach your personal financial goals despite the attraction of living and spending in the now.

    – Ken J. Killin, BBM CA, CEO of public & private technology companies

    This is an excellent no-nonsense book from no-nonsense, credible authors that I think everyone one should read no matter what age you are or what your financial picture looks like. The suggested exercises, backed up by the website, help identify where you can improve things “now” and how you can keep improving and building wealth on an ongoing basis. It’s down to earth with real-world examples that I (and I am sure others) can relate to. If you are looking for the get rich quick scheme-du-jour, you won’t find it here because of course, it does not really exist. What you will find in this book are things that any of us can do, and if we follow them, can only lead to a much better financial position leading to wealth. We’re well on our way…

    Paul and Alan’s style is easy to read and “jargon free” yet all based on very sound fundamentals. I read through it once, then so did my wife. We then back and did some of the exercises and it helped get us both on the same page in terms of priorities, today’s expenses and planning for the future. For what it is worth, recouping the cost of the book was done on day 1.

    – Matthew C.

    The Copperjar System™ is an incredibly practical, value-added financial planning book. No matter your age or how financially fit you are, this book is a valuable tool that will not only enhance the way you think about your finances, but put you on the path to financial fitness.  The Copperjar System™ will transform the way you allocate your money and cause you to rethink ways to achieve financial wealth without sacrificing your personal life, and most importantly, without risking our money at the same time.

    – Chase I.

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